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So glad you found me.

If you are a reader, editor, publisher, or potential interview subject looking for some of my published magazine and newspaper articles from Triple Cities Carousel, Victoria, Horizon and others - or online works at HubPages, Impassio Press and more - you have found the repository.
Newest:photo of Gary Lewis and the Playboys Gary Lewis and the Playboys are more fun than you think.
photo of brain floating in liquidOff the Beat: The Brain Museum in Buffalo, NY

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If you are a TV/film history fan or scholar looking for Supporting TV Cast!:
photo of actor Bill Walker Look at this wonderful and probably highly familiar face. Do you know his name? Doesn't he deserve a lot of credits? Check him out in the context of a recent science fiction convention.

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However you came here, I hope you find something that helps you and that I give you reasons to visit often.

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